Proven Experience for a new Challenge.

HFiltration S.r.l. works, with thirty years of experience, in the field of air dedusting and filtration in multiple industries safeguarding the environment and its sustainability applying the Quality and Safety Management System Certification.
The experience gained over the years, and technical staff competence, allows HFiltration to offer highly qualified advice and assistance able to identify the best possible solution in filtration and dust extraction fields. HFiltration develops and markets air filtering systems for multiple applications. The company focuses on air quality in work environments.,8.9066513,3a,75y,336.99h,89.07t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-fFYBnXAGheU%2FWRHF5zQEmJI%2FAAAAAAADLQg%2FWRFnemGsVaYR2YnaZPs4D7F8484vLjH4gCLIB!2e4!7i12000!8i6000!6m1!1e1


Manufacturing air dedusting and filtering systems for environmental preservation, working in tight cooperation with the customer to achieve maximum value in terms of technology, reliability and service.

Quality services and guarantee assistance

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