Air filtration dust and dry smokes

The dry cleaning systems work with the physic separation principle, that can occur through a filter media (cartridges, bags, rigid bag filters), or thanks to the centrifugal force of a Cyclone.
The classification of the dusts (material, particle size and concentration) permit to identify the best technology  and the right plant’s sizing.

OIL MIST filtering

In many industrial processes oil’ smoke and oil mist, which are especially prevalent in mechanical processing, are generated; in these cases, depending on the different applications, we design and manufacture two types of systems:
CLEANMIST, a small equipment that fits easily in the workplace or Mist Compact, a modular filter suitable for centralized systems.


For the removal of solvents, depending on the concentration and type of pollutant, we offer customized solutions, providing Wet Scrubbers or thermal oxidation recuperating
(thermal- oxidizers).


more than a supplier

HFiltration S.r.l. works, with thirty years of experience, in the field of air dedusting and filtration in multiple industries safeguarding the environment and its sustainability applying the Quality and Environmental Certifications.



Customer service, spare parts and maintenance for a whole service

We do not just sell our products, but we help our clients, both with telephone diagnosis and possible provision of necessary spare parts or with the timely intervention of our technicians on site, ensuring high performances and sustainable operating costs.